US SMEs: software & data challenges, with Chad Bellin from Disca

Episodio 104 - 2024-04-21

In this episode we had a very interesting conversation with Chad Bellin. Chad is originally from Wisconsin but has spent his last 25 years in Phoenix. His career started as a software engineer, and after going through Software Development and QA roles, he then grew as VP of engineering and product leadership positions.

Together with his two co-founders Sean and Aaron (with which he has worked over the past 8 years) they started DISCA in 2021, as a way to deploy all the experience they have in this space to help different companies design, deploy and evolve complex B2B and B2C software applications. As they help companies understand why to develop certain solutions and tie those with the business case, they engage in data problems that also need solving.

The range of companies go from SMEs that work with Excel and struggle to capture data, to more data sophisticated companies that integrate data from systems. We talked about some of these interesting stories and how Data, AI and LLM are affecting how companies operate and the type of questions they are asking and looking to answer.

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